"Last night was spectacular. I know that this is what you do every day but sharing not only your knowledge but your wonder in what is out there is pretty extraordinary.  Thank you so much for a life-changer."

― Elizabeth K.
El Segundo, CA


"Thanks for sharing your contagious enthusiasm for the cosmos. I will never see the night sky the same way ever again! I enjoyed how you simplified astronomy in a way that I could understand. I'll definitely spread the word of your awesome and memorable tour."

― Jon G.
San Diego, CA


"I came away with much more than I thought I would.  I look forward to doing it again as well as seeing you again. I would highly recommend it to everyone I know."

― Cindy N.
Lake Forest, CA


"We’re so glad we signed-up for the star gazing.  Personally, I found the Pleiades the most beautiful sight—like diamonds on black velvet.  It was a most enjoyable and memorable evening."

― Elaine & Nick G.
Oceanside, CA


"Thank you again for showing us the night sky! It was a wonderful experience to learn from you about the stars!  Dirk and I agreed that viewing the stars with you was one of the most amazing things we've ever seen."

― Brigitte & Dirk P.
Montreal, QC


"[We] had a wonderful time learning and laughing with you!  You were entertaining as well as informative.  It was the highlight of our trip.  We are looking forward to visiting again, during another season, to see other awe-inspiring things in the night sky."

― Rene A.
Hemet, CA